Sunday morning, comin' down ....

Six. Six days of at least one blog per day. Cool.

As I cranked up the old laptop to get ready to blog, I checked my stats in ADSENSE. Not surprisingly, I had one visitor - one page impression, today. Now, I don't have a large audience and the ones I do have don't usually visit unless I have given them a reason, like commenting on their blog. So, I thought I would see what information there was about 'the visitor' - see where they came from. How the hell does someone from MALAYSIA find my blog? Not that I mind, mind you, but that just blows my mind. What kind of search term did they enter in their browser to wind up here? And was it good fer her, too? Assuming, of course, it WAS a her.

I have also picked up on a subtle nuance of blogging. Don't go making comments on other people's blogs unitl you've posted your blog for the day. Otherwise, no one will see that day's blog. Like yesterday. And I told a story and everything.

Well, there's a new post on Momisodes and I want to see what Sandy is up to so ta ta, for now.

Oh, yeah, I updated the painting blog yesterday with the latest look at the painting. If I have time (there are things to do today) I will do more work and update, again, tonight.


Sandy C. said...

No way? one? Are you sure? What time did you check your stats- 1:30am? The weekends always seem extra slow for me as well.

I know what you mean about commenting before you put a new post up. I've been trying to post late at night (after midnight-ish), but I've been really struggling with finishing in time :( So it ends up being the morning/afternoon.

As for the Malaysian visitor, I wonder if they found you through Blog365. I've had a few visitors from around the world recently as well :)

Looking forward to your update!

Most Prepossessing said...

It always cracks me up to discover the keywords people use to find my blog. Recently I had "pee street" and "what to write in my husbands christmas card we have crummy relationship." Neither of these topics are on my blog, but I guess all of the words are on there!

Nicole said...

And now you have someone from Kuwait to add to your List ;)
Maybe they / he / she found you via the blog365?
That's how I found you (adopted the main RSS yesterday, don't know for how long though, but it's fun ;)

Cheers from a fellow (Amateur) Photographer ;)