What do you mean it's Tuesday ??

And, on top of that, I totally missed Monday. On the other hand, I kind of wish I HAD missed Monday, what with that terrible Bears game, and all. That's the reason I didn't paint last night. I got home from work and took my little nap (not on purpose, mind you - it just seems that when I get home from work, if I sit down, I'm out) and woke up an hour later to eat and said to my self, "I wonder what's on TV tonight?" and Lo! and Behold! (lo and behold always get capitalized this time of year...) there was a Bears game due to be on and it was against the hated Vikings (Bears fans automatically hate the Packers and the Vikings and more or less pity the Lions) so any thought of painting with THAT kind of distraction going on just went right out the window. There aren't a whole lot of things that will stop me from painting - but that's apparently one. Football and baseball are BIG distractions for me. We won't talk about the other things that might distract me from painting - this is a family blog. Maybe I should start another blog ... Anyway, I AM going to paint tonight - I'm pretty sure I can finish the muddy road and all of the necessary foliage surrounding it and I may even be able to start filling in the reflection of the quay in the harbor water. I am on my own, now. Being on my own means that I have to finish it without input or guidance from Marilyn. There is a promise of classes (and, therefore, guidance) to come, but they haven't been scheduled yet and I do want to be done with this painting before I start another class. It's easier to make decisions about why and how changes get made to the painting when there is someone whom I trust will guide me away from major mistakes looking over my shoulder, watching what I'm doing. But, ultimately, it's me that has to do it, so I guess it's time to pull up the old jock strap, charge ahead and get it done.


Sandy C. said...

Oooh, the surprise nap. Those can be dangerous. Entire half days can be lost to some of those ....good luck with the painting.