I liked it better when it was Tuesday ...

This has been the Wednesday morning from hell. I had a vendor come in and, while doing some maintenance chores that "will never touch the production system", we managed to blow up the production system and caused a 45 minute outage in Oracle, our production database. I HATE it when the company president finds his way to my office. He just stands there, staring at me. The look says, "Fix it NOW" and the attitude says "Brother, I better not find out this was YOUR fault". Fortunately, I got it fixed and no, it wasn't my fault. It wasn't anyone's fault, really - to the extend that an operating system bug is nobody's fault. If it happens again, THEN it's my fault. anyway, all this has led to one something-less-than-memorable Wednesday morning. If it wasn't for Sarcastic Mom and Momisodes (blogs I watch) it would have been totally hopeless, but they set a lighter tone, early on, which carried me through the tough parts of the morning. Thank you ladies.


VelVerb said...

Yes, this is the quandary for IT people. You know things we don't so therefore it COULD be your fault and we would never know. So to compensate for our feelings of fear, we eye you suspiciously when things go wrong.