Snowblower Sunday

That new snowblower we purchased yesterday came in handy today. It was so much fun, I did my driveway and the driveways of four of my neighbors. I'd still rather be painting, however.

Speaking of painting, I worked on the painting, yesterday, and the changes to the piece are so significant that I'm almost afraid to post the picture because some of the people that are following the other blog have picked out favorite parts of the painting and those parts, right now, are undergoing that change I spoke of. The problem is that none of the changes are complete - they are all preliminary - and sometimes I think that the people who are following the painting don't read the text accompanying the posted picture of the piece and they miss they context of the current picture. Oh well - I just hope they stay interested enough to wait for the next iteration of the work.

I am going to post the current picture now. Keep your fingers crossed.

Just in case - the other blog is http://newatart.blogspot.com .


Sandy C. said...

Wow! 4 neighbors?? Can you be our neighbor :) That sounds like you had a busy Sunday. I'll have to check out the other blog..