Saturday Mornings ....

I love Saturday mornings. Lounging in bed, under the covers, all warm and cozy and cuddling with my Annie. I actually got to sleep 'til 7:30am. Given that I usually get up at 5am, sleeping 'til 7:30 is a real luxury.

I'm going to work on my painting today. The current state of the piece is documented photographically in my other blog - newatart.blogspot.com . As soon as I post this I am going downstairs, to the family room, and start working on my painting.


I actually started this post early this morning. As usual, the evnts of the day conspired to get in the way and prevent me working on my painting to the extent I really wanted. Snow is coming, and 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' decided that today is the day that we needed to go to Lowe's as buy a snow blower. (I'm going to change my name to 'Snow') However, the purchase is now made, and she has gone off to the movies with Markie and Jack (two little boys she for whom she renders day care) so I am finally free to do as I wish. And right now, I wish to paint.



VelVerb said...

I love that after thirty years of marriage you still call your wife "lovely". I hope I meet that man someday soon.