One more after today ...

Well, well,well. It's actually Thursday and I haven't gotten fired yet. Maybe I'll survive this, after all. That vendor I mentioned yesterday, and I, worked until almost 8pm last night to finish what we had started during the day - you know, the data migration that wasn't supposed to touch the production environment, but brought it crashing down anyway. It went smoothly, of course. Nothing crashed, died or got ugly. Just time consuming. And, of course, because now we can't trust the process, we can't complete our work until after hours, tonight. Which means yet another late night - which means yet another night that I don't get to work on my painting. And I DO want to work on my painting. So there's one more day of work, after today, and then I don't come back to work until January 2nd. Lots of time, one would think, to work on my painting, clean house, fool around, work on my painting, fool around some more, work on my painting some more, etc. Yes, children, even at my advanced age there is still time to fool around. Or there better be, let's put it that way.

All of the Christmas presents are purchased and snug in their wrappings - except Annie's. I can't buy hers until Saturday - because I know that Saturday and Sunday she'll be out of the house all day and then I can put her present in with the rest of the presents and feel relatively sure she won't stumble across it before it's time to give it to her. So I guess not quite all of the presents have been purchased. Even so, I find it remarkable that I still have money left. Somehow, the person-in-charge-of-the-budget didn't find a way to spend it all. I gonna hafta give her a raise. In pay. Get your mind out of the gutter. Jeez, some people.


Sandy C. said...

ROFL! You are too funny :) I hope tonight goes quickly, so you get back to your painting....and time for fooling around ;)

Good luck with Annie's gift this weekend!

Sarcastic Mom said...

Hang in there! With all that fooling around on the "to-do" list, I'm sure you'll make it through!


Anonymous said...

I like you cycle of fooling around and painting. I think my cycle is going to be laying tile and laying tile *wink* I love it when a phrase can be both honest and a euphemism and both have actual relevance. Well, Lou, you asked me a question on my blog and I have written a post in response. So go check out the new post

Happy Yule!