Sarah - Training Day

From last time ...

"You wanna go back up there?"

"Nah. Let's get back to town. But I want you to come back out here and I want you to find Jake. Clear? Get some of your boys and come back out here and find him. If you don't find him, Chico, don't come back."

"Oh, no problema, patron. We weel find heem. No problema."

"You better, Chico. Or we're dead."

And now ...

The sun was getting ready to slip behind the mountains to the west, and Jake was walking in with the last target that Sarah had shot.

"Okay, I think that's enough for today. I don't know about you, but I could use some chow."

"Are you going to show me that target or not?"

"You just want me to tell you, again, how good I think you are. Okay. 9 shots. 3 groups. All in the black. Very good shooting. But don't forget you're only at 250 yards. With that scope, you should be able to center a target a quarter this size."

"I will. Just set it out there."

"Kinda full of yourself aren't ya?"

"Well, you said it yourself, Jake. I'm a natural good shot. And I guess it's a good thing I am when you stop and think about it. It's gonna be easier to train knowing my goals are reachable."

"Yeah, well, come on. I'm hungry. Let's get this stuff in the Jeep so we can get outta here. I don't know what Donnie has on tonight, but whatever it is, it's gonna be good."

They carefully packed the weapons and ammunition under a tarp in the back of the Jeep and then headed down the gravel road toward the highway, and Ma's.

"Where are you gonna stay tonight, Jake?"

"I dunno. Guess I'll head down to the Reservation - it's only about 20 miles from Ma's. I'll stay with Two Feathers. I'll be safe there."

They rode the rest of the way in silence, each with their own thoughts to wrestle with. Just as they approached the Diner, Jake spotted a car he recognized in Ma's parking lot.

"I think we got a problem."

"Why, what?"

"That car parked in front of Ma's door .. it's Chico's car."

"Who's Chico?"

"Among other things, he's one of the guys you're lookin' for."

"I don't understand the problem."

"He would never go into Ma's unless the Devil himself was on his ass - he must be lookin' for me. We go in there, you don't say nuthin', clear? Not a word."

"Okay, Jake."

"You just let me do the talkin'."

Jake and Sarah got out of the Jeep and walked in the lobby of Ma's motel. Chico and two of his 'boys' were standing there with their hands raised in the air.

"Hey, Jake. This here hombre says he's lookin' fer you. You know 'im?"

"Yeah, I know him, Ma. It's okay. Don't shoot him."

"I won't - this time. But listen to me you greasy little sonofabitch, the next time you walk in here with a gun in your hand I'll shoot first and bury your dumb ass later - I won't ask no questions. Get 'em outta here, Jake. I don't want 'em in here."

"Okay, Ma. Chico. Outside."

They all stepped out into the parking lot.

"Gracias, Senor Jake. I thought that crazy old lady was going to shoot. Sully says she ees loco, now I see."

"Why did you come here, Chico. What do you want?"

"Not me, Senor. Sully. He needs to speak to you. Pronto."

"Okay, Chico. I'll call him. Right away. Now you'd better get going."

"Si, Senor. We gonna go. But you call Sully. Ahora!!"

Chico and his crew had gotten onto his car and backed out onto the highway. As he turned and headed south, he thought to himself that Jake's girlfriend looked nice. But she's too skeenny for me, not like my Rosa. No. Not like my Rosa at all.


Loraine said...

Yay! More Sarah!!

Joyce-Anne said...

Loraine beat me to it. Yay!

Big Mark 243 said...

The 'not like my Rosa' comment made me laugh... my girl is 'skinny' and doesn't fit my usual 'M.O' either!