Once upon a time, Haiku Friday was run by Christine and she decided to give it up. She asked, as I recall, for someone to step up and take it over. No one did. Recently, I sent her an email asking if she minded if I took over Haiku Friday. I've not gotten a reply.

Essentially, taking over Haiku Friday means keeping the Avatar meaningful - and add McLinky so others can find other Haikus Friday. So that's what I'm doing. I've 'appropriated' her jpeg for Haiku Friday. The jpeg is not mine. It's hers.

This is the page for establishing the loose rules for Haiku Friday.

Grab the jpeg below and drop it in your post. It contains a link back to the home page of this blog - if you post it on Friday, it will come back to the post with the links to all the other Haiku posts for that day.

For right now, the only rule is - if you link your post and it doesn't contain an Haiku, the link will be removed.

Surprisingly, there are about 40 different accepted forms for Haiku - we will define a smaller subset of those types for use on Haiku Friday.

Haiku consist of 17 syllables - typically given in three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. That's about the only rule here - 5,7,5. How you use those syllables is up to you.

We may, at some future time, refine the rules a bit. But for now ....

Haiku Friday