Sarah - Maybe Manana

From yesterday ...

Chico and his crew had gotten into his car and backed out onto the highway. As he turned and headed south, he thought to himself that Jake's girlfriend looked nice. But she's too skeenny for me, not like my Rosa. No. Not like my Rosa at all.

And now ...

"I think he might know me."

"Who, Chico?"

"Yeah. He used to drive for Sully once in a while. I'd see him at the casino with Sully. He never talked to me or anything, he'd always wait by the entrance, but I know I've seen him - and I'm sure he's seen me. I just don't know if he remembers."

"Maybe not. After all, he'd been standin' in there staring down the barrel of Ma's rifle. I don't think you even registered."

"I hope not. I'm not ready."

"No, you're not. Come on, let's eat. I'm hungry. It's time for chow. We can worry later. Oh. Wait a minute. I'd better call Sully. You go over to the Diner and get us a booth. I'll be right there."

With that, Sarah walked across the dusty lot to the Diner while Jake went back into Ma's lobby.

"Hey, Darlin'. You aren't gonna shoot me, are ya?"

"Don't start with me, Jake Bertrett. I'm still as jittery as a polecat crossin' the highway."

"How'd you get the drop on them boys, anyway?"

"I seen 'em gettin' outta their car with guns in their hands. By the time they came through that door I had my rifle out from under the counter and they never had a chance to raise their guns. Now why the fuck are they lookin' fer you?"

"I don't know Ma. But I'm just about to find out. You mind if I make a phone call?"

A little while later, Jake slid into the booth across from Sarah.

"So? What's up? Why're they lookin' for you?"

"They need me to prepare some stuff for them. Some flash bangs and some smoke grenades on timers. And they need it in a hurry."

"You gonna do it?"

"Yeah. The stuff they need is in the truck down on the Reservation. I can do the work tonight and then I'll meet Chico outside the shop in the morning. We can't meet at my trailer anymore 'cause it's gone."

"Oh yeah, I'd almost forgotten about that. What're you gonna do about your trailer?"

"I don't know if the insurance company will cover gettin' my trailer blown up by gun totin' fanatics, or not. Maybe if I tell 'em it was a propane tank .... well, anyway, when this blows over I think I'm gonna sell the shop and move farther out, anyway. It's gettin' too crowded around here."

"Too crowded?"

"Yeah, there's people movin' out here all the time. Las Vegas is gonna be big, and I don't wanna get caught up in it."

"Just don't go anywhere I can't find ya, Jake. I need you."

"Don't you worry, sweetheart. We'll be together for some time yet - no matter where I am."

"Good. Let's order. I'm hungry."

And, while Jake and Sarah had some of Donnie's Fried Chicken ...

"You know Patron, I theenk Jake has a girlfriend now."

"Really. I thought Jake wanted nothing to do with women. That kinda surprises me."

"Oh, me too, Patron. I know Jake for a long time, and he don' like bein' around women. They make heem feel bad, you know? But thees one, she ess preety. Maybe she makes heem feel good."

"Maybe she does, Chico. Maybe she does. I wonder where he met her."

"I don't know, Patron. I theenk maybe I have seen her before. But I don' know. Anyway, I go now, Patron. I go home to my Rosa. She makes me feel good. Maybe, while I make love to my Rosa, I weel remember where I have seen the Senorita before. Maybe. Or maybe no. When I make love to Rosa, she don' like eet when I theenk of other women, you know? Oh well. Maybe manana.


Moonrayvenne said...

Always worth waiting for. Looking forward to more Sarah.
Have a great week, Lou!

Jientje said...

I had some serious catching up to do and I loved every word of it. Back on track now. Looking forward for more.

Grandmother Mary said...

It's kind of cool being dropped into the middle of it. I'm hooked already!

Joyce-Anne said...

Oh my, the plot really thickens.

Loraine said...

intriguing... can't wait to read more!

Unknown said...

Collette: I will have a great week - and more Sarah coming this weekend.

Jientje: More on the way.

Grandmother: Thank you, Mary. You can catch up by reading the links on the upper right sidebar.

Joyce-Anne: Yes. It does. And i have no idea where it's going, either.

Loraine: Soon, Loraine. Soon.

Nan Sheppard said...

Uh-oh, the plot thickens!

NicoleB Egypt said...

Ouch, I hope he doesn't remember!

Heather said...

I have SO MISSED Sarah. And man, I hope he doesn't remember. Oh my word, I can't wait for more!!!