The Plan

So.  This is the plan.  Of sorts.

I'm going to try to bring this blog back to life.  I realize the "day of the blog" is sunsetting, but I miss this and there is still some value in having a forum for expressing opinion, publishing Art in its many forms, and just having fun with words.

Some things will .. MUST .. change.  I used to publish at Midnight - or as close to it as I could.  Going forward, I'm going to publish when the mood strikes - day or night - or not at all. I'm thinking, also, that Haiku Friday will remain as unchanged as possible; i.e., published at 12:01 am on Friday mornings.  I may not make every Friday, but I'll try not to miss more than one at a time. I'll buy a subscription to Linkytools, too, so other Haikuers can see each other's work.

The links to "Sarah" and "The Kid" are going to disappear.  I've been working on a re-write to consolidate all those posts into a readable, workable book.  And then, of course, I have to find a publisher.

When I'm done with the re-write, look for the links to "Gwalchmei" (One Knight's Story) to disappear for the same reason.

And then, of course, I need to return to "The Life and Times of Connor Fergus", which I'll do here, online.  In serialized chapters.

So stop by once in a while.  I'll share a link to each new post on Facebook.  So you'll know there's one up.  But if you're not on Facebook, just stop by.

Ndinombethe (as I go, I am wearing you)
Ubuntu (I am because we are)


Big Mark 243 said...

...this is truly good news to hear... will be looking forward to seeing your future posts..!

TL Roberts said...

This is wonderful news! You've been sorely missed.