100 Word Challenge - Recluse

100 Word Challenge

What follows is given in response to the 100 Word Challenge, reborn now under the gentle auspices of my friend, Tara Roberts, of Thin Spiral Notebook . This week's word is -"Recluse".

As he sat on his porch he felt every one of his 80 years.  They seemed to seep well into his bones.  The late afternoon sun helped a little, but not enough to make much difference.  He'd been depressed for years; a little sunshine wasn't going to break into that.

He hardly ever left his porch anymore.  It was easier to stay home, where he wouldn't bother anybody, and no one would bother him.  He liked it that way.

Or so he thought.  But sometimes, just sometimes, kids would play in his front yard, and he'd feel less a recluse.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


TL Roberts said...

I cannot imagine you as a curmudgeon, sitting on your porch yelling at kids to, "get off my lawn."

Anna said...

I really enjoyed this. I am a home health nurse and meet many people just like the man in your story. Thanks for sharing.

This was my first week to participate in the 100 words challenge. It was fun! I don't write much fiction so it was a bit out of my comfort zone.