Sunday morning, coming down ...

That feeling, when you wake up and realize it's past 9am and 12:01am has come and long gone and your blog post, for the day, isn't up?  Yeah.  That.

It's apparent that it hasn't become ingrained yet - not like it used to be.  The habit, that is, of making sure the next day post was done and scheduled.  Not habit, yet.

I suppose I could fall back on the gut punch of becoming unemployed - that it's thrown me off my game.

Or it could be that I just got lazy.

Whatever - I'm here, now, and I'm making good on my promise of "one lap around the sun".

Tomorrow, I go to Social Security and sign up for Part B, so I have insurance.  I have to go to the VA and get an ID card so I can get my prescriptions.

I have to negotiate a financial minefield over the next few months.  If successful, I get to keep my house and things may become relatively normal.

I don't want to contemplate what not succeeding would be like.

Pray for me.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


PattiKen said...

You will succeed. I have total faith in that.