This particular Saturday more than any other, I guess, marks a watershed in my life.

I have no job.  I am unemployed - well, forced into retirement, really.  At 69 years old, you're not unemployed anymore, because that term implies a desire to return to work.  I'm retired now - but I am looking for and capable of contract or project work.

I'll build your network.

I'll build your servers.

I'll install and configure your firewall, your access points, your core switch stack.  And then I'll hand you the keys and move on to something else.

I am going to build my company, Area Networks, inc., and create something worth leaving to my sons before I die.

By doing those things outlined above.

No more 40 hour weeks behind a desk.  No more 86 mile round trips every day - I'm free to do whatever I want to do, wherever I want to do it.

I'm free.  I'm gonna be poor for a while, but I'm free to be me.  For the first time in my life.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Brandie said...

Best of luck to you in this new venture! =)

Anonymous said...

You are going to be great at this retired gig Lou :)
Gina xx (on my phone, can't remember my login)