Monday Meanders

Well, I got half of them right.  The Packers looked like they were going to win (but didn't), and the Patriots won BIG.

I'm not predicting the Superbowl.

I REALLY like Loveland, Colorado.  #2 son and his wife live there.  If only ...

I drove just about 987 miles in 13 hours 30 minutes.  Average speed of about 73 mph.  I made good time.

If you have Netflix, there's a program called "The IT Crowd".  Watch it.  Hilarious.  It's on until the end of January - longer, if the BBC and Netflix can agree on a new contract.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.



Lynn Lohman said...

As I have been corrected, Its the I.T. crowd not IT crowd...lol :) It is a great show! It was nice to see you!