Monday Meanders

The Bears can win all they want, but I'm still not talking about sports before pitchers and catchers report.

This was, in effect, a long weekend for me - I pulled an all-nighter at the office last Thursday night, working all the way through to 10:30am Friday, whereupon, I went home.  The only thing bad about a long weekend is that I wind up spending too much money.  Oh well.

The old phone contract expired a few days ago, so we got new phones and I now possess a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  It's huge.  It's pretty.  It's got a battery at least twice the size of the battery in my old Galaxy S III.  It's got a 16 Megapixel camera that will zoom to 8x with finger pinch open.  I am anxious to test my lens kit with the Note 4.  8x under 12x?  That could be fun.

Thanksgiving is here already?  On the other hand, this has been such a tough year, personally, with the Divorce and my Mom's hospitalization and ultimate passing, I'm going to be glad to see the backside of 2014.  I have so many people and things I am grateful for, and I can't forget that, but 2014 has not been kind.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday.  Eat, drink and be merry.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Mrs4444 said...

Here's to a speedy end to 2014 for you, Lou :)