Yes, I'm reading that/

What, you may ask, is it I am reading?  Why, Why Does E=MC2 (and why should we care?), of course.

Actually, as something of a nerd, I have always been interested in many of the rigors of science.  Especially those sciences that revolve around Physics.

The one thing I have never been able to understand is how Einstein came up with the notion of the speed of light squared in his formula that represents the energy stored in matter - or, actually, that matter and energy are interchangeable. 

So, how does the Speed of Light figure in this formula and what chain of thought led him to that insight?

That's what Brian Cox and his co-author, Jeff Forshaw promise to reveal in their book, without the use of weighty mathematics or indecipherable scientific terminology.

I like Brian Cox.  He hosts a TV program called "Wonders of the Universe" which I like immensely, among others.  He is a Physicist, Professor, Lecturer and OBE.  And he speaks in simple English.

What I have read of his book has been as advertised.  Easy to read.  Well paced.  No heavy math.  Already I have read the simplest and most enlightening explanation of Einstein's Theory of Relativity I have ever encountered.  I understood what it said, before, but now I understand the simple thought experiment that brought him there.  And it was simple.

If this kind of stuff is of interest to you, too, I suggest you read it.

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Brandie said...

Sounds interesting! I'm reading The Disappearing Spoon ... it's about the periodic table - some science and some stuff about scientists! Interesting read for sure.
I think you might like it if you can get your hands on it!