Monday Meanders

Yesterday was the third Chicago performance of Listen To Your Mother - the second at the Athenaeum Theater on Chicago's Near North Side.  It was funny, painful, nostalgic and real.  I feel so fortunate to have been part of this.

The CUBS lost one last night, after winning three in a row.  They played well.  But they lost.  Thi could be the start, though, of a long, slow turnaround for the CUBS.  You heard it here, first.

I caught up with three seasons of "Game of Thrones" over a long weekend.  I even got three episodes into season four.  Now, however, I have to wait for Sunday evenings to get a too short hour of four different story lines.  This sucks.

Today, my young friend John and I are going to solve the last of the issues that have been messing with my mind and my CB750.  I have a maladjusted carburetor that makes maintaining a proper idle speed difficult.  And I don't feel comfortable with the notion of riding a bike whose engine speed I can't control properly.  So it gets fixed today.

I'm going to go on a 5k walk for cancer this coming Sunday.  Details later.  This is for Katy.

AND.  At the after party, yesterday, I got to meet Colleen Hayes live and in color.  She and I have been blogger friends like, forever.  Now we have met in person.  She hugs good.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.