Monday Meanders

The CUBS long, slow, slide into oblivion continues.  I give up.

My restoration of my CB750K is slowly rounding into shape.  I now have the "right" instrument cluster installed on the bike - and in installing the right instrument cluster, I made a discovery.  This bike has always had an instrument cluster from a different year and model Honda.  The "Neutral" light never worked properly, and the bike could be started in gear.  Now that the proper instrument cluster is in place, the Neutral light works (indicating that the bike is actually in Neutral) and the bike cannot be started unless the bike IS in Neutral.  The thing is, we never knew this stuff until we had the proper piece installed.

The last piece of this process, at least for a while, is to replace the floats that are currently in the carburetors with the 1979 floats - which are heavier and will prevent the current problem from recurring - very high idling.  And, of course, once the floats are in place, the carbs will be rebalanced and that nice, healthy engine will run like new.

The Blackhawks won last night.  At least SOMEONE is doing something to validate Sports in Chicago.

Yesterday, of course, was Mother's Day.  I hope the Mother's in my audience had a pleasant day.  As for my Mom, I made her strawberry shortcake during the afternoon.  As a snack.  And a treat.  And because I know, from many years of experience, just how much she loves it.

And, lastly, as much and as hard as I rooted for him, hoping to somehow nudge him along to a win, the wheels kind of fell off for Jordan Speith during the last round of "The Players", yesterday, at TPC Sawgrass, in Florida.  He will someday learn how to win on the 'bigger stage'.  He will someday have a reputation and name as big as Tiger's.  But for now, he's licking his wounds - having lost a tournament that was his for the asking.  The thing is - he'll learn from this.  Next year, he will win it.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.