Size counts ... really

There seems to be a misinformation campaign (really?) around ObamaCare.  Not to point any fingers, but the purveyors of this attack of disinformation are NOT DEMOCRATS.

As they point out in their latest ad, it's not ObamaCare, it's Insurance Reform.  It's funny that they are the people who named it "ObamaCare", but now would seem to want to distance themselves from their failed attempt at creating a name of ridicule for the Plan.  Whatever-  It's ObamaCare or Insurance Reform.  Either one works.

Their latest trick is to point out that (not an exact quote, but close enough) you are paying for everyone else, just as you always have.

In a left handed kind of way, that's true - but it's true of your home insurance and your car insurance, as well.

Let's say you live in a small town.  Everyone in the town is, essentially middle class.  Being middle class, everyone knows that one big medical bill will be enough to force them to sell the house and leave town.  So everybody gets together to create a pool of money by paying "premiums" every month, which creates a fund of money which will defray costs for anyone who gets one of those big medical bills.

Basically, that's how insurance works.

Are you paying for everyone else?  Okay.  What if you're the guy with the big medical bill?

Insurance companies exist through their understanding of statistics.  Statistics can tell you how many people in a specified age group will get cancer in a year, how many people will have automobile accidents in a year, how many houses will burn down in a year.   And how much it will cost to care for, repair and rebuild. Their premiums are based on those statistics.  The larger the sample size, and the more broadly based the sample size, the more accurate the statistical information on which premiums are based.

As far as ObamacCare is concerned, young AND old need to be insured.  The "young and healthy" population's contribution to the premium pool, will help offset the cost of the older and "not so healthy" population.  If there are not enough young people in the pool (and some of THEM will be ill, too) then the plan will not work as predicted.

Don't let those other people (non-Democrats) scare you off of getting yourself insured.  Insurance has a purpose - and when enough people take part in the Plan (ObamaCare), it WILL work.  If, you're young, and God forbid you get sick, then trust me - you aren't paying for 'everyone else'.

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Anonymous said...

I suppose many Americans have not travelled to other developed countries and don't realise that the whole developed world has Universal Health Care? If anyone tried to take our health care away in the UK, there would be riots. It's not about politics, health is a basic human right. We pay according to what we earn, and we all get taken care of if we get sick.

And yes, when I decided that three kids was enough, I got my tubes tied for free (Counselling session included, with a nice doc who wanted to be sure I REALLY didn't want any more kiddies). Is that politics? :)

-Nan at work