Monday Meanders

There was a time when St. Patrick's Day meant that I would attempt to put a serious dent in the world's supply of Guinness.  Not any more, however.  Somewhere along the way I realized it's way more fun to be sober and not miss anything.  That said, have a happy and safe St. Patricks Day.  Eat a lot of corned beef and cabbage.

Green underwear.  Fer realz.

3 minute eggs (or soft boiled eggs, like our family always called them) are a real taste treat when made with challah.  Challah is firmer, denser and sweeter than regular plain old ordinary white bread, and the taste it lends to boiled eggs is amazing.

I taught #3 son how to change the handle on a toilet, yesterday.  Valuable information he'll never forget.  Because, you know, you never forget things your Dad teaches you.

Although I have made a concerted effort to limit my TV viewing, in terms of amount, and there's been few, if any, of the few programs I DO view regularly that hasn't been offered on CBS, I caught a re-run of the premier episode of "Resurrection" on ABC, Saturday.  Last night I watched the second episode.  I may be hooked.

The CUBS lost to the Indians, yesterday, in Mesa, after Travis Wood got off to a slow start.  3-2.  The split squad, playing the second of a 2 game weekend series in Las Vegas against the Mets, won 6-3 after a strong performance by Chris Rusin, who's trying to earn a spot in the rotation.  Split Squad split the series.

Have a wonderful Monday - hard as that may be to do.

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Tara R. said...

No corn beef, no Irish soda bread, but I did make cole slaw with cabbage.

Happy St. Paddy Day to ye.