Monday Meanders

The SuperBowl is to be played this coming Sunday.  Outdoors.  In New York.  Really?

I think I'm happy I don't have tickets.  There's a good chance the game is going to be miserable.

I've eaten things that disagree with me, from time to time, as everyone has.  Sometimes to greater gastric discontent than others.  Nothing I can remember, ever, struck me as violently as whatever it was I ate last Thursday.  I hope I don't go through anything like that, again, any time soon.

I need to become better at planning out meals so that my trips to the store are more efficient.  I find myself, at time, removing science experiments from the refrigerator and disposing of them - things that could have and should have been eaten - but weren't.

I find myself buying less "Butternut" type breads and more of the heavier, denser breads like Challah and Sour Dough.  Even sliced Italian Bread.  They make better sandwiches and better French Toast.  Sourdough makes some of the best Grilled Cheese sandwiches you've ever had.  And Challah makes excellent French Toast.  Even plain old buttered bread is better with Challah.

Today is one of the coldest I ever been asked to live through.  Tomorrow is not going to be much better.  I hate being cold. 

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Tara R. said...

I'm looking forward to the Super Bowl. Peyton being a fellow UT alum has my bet for the win.