Monday Meanders

Recently, I gave a reader "whiplash" when I changed subject rather radically in a "Monday Meanders".  But that IS, after all, the idea.  Just meander around and speak to whatever happens to strike my fancy.  Usually, my thought processes are rather linear and I don't take radical turns in thinking.  Usually.

But not always.

Bears lost yesterday in a game they really should have won.  Jay Cutler should have taken himself out of the game early in the third quarter - Marc Trestman, as Head Coach, should have taken him out of the game when it was obvious he could not perform at 100%.

The weather people are talking about snow, today, as possible.  And tomorrow.  I guess Winter may try to sneak into town early.

Is it just me or does it seem as though every checkout line and drive thru speaker is set up to ask for money for this, that, or the other cause or charity?  And does anyone other than me get to be just a little irritated?  Anyone?



Big Mark 243 said...

...no, I get irrated by the 'hand out' at the checkout... it confustrates me because it interrupts the check out process...

... as I told another Bear fan, you CAN'T have it both ways... one year, in the playoffs, Cutler sat out injured... gets raked over the coals... now, he is hurt but sucks it up and plays... c'mon, MAKE UP YOUR MINDS...

...I told you how I feel about Jay and up until halftime, he was good to go... I think that McNown would not have faired any better and he did give you guys the best chance to win...