My "New" Minolta Camera

Recently, a good friend gave me an unexpected gift - a Minolta X-700 with three lenses, 50mm, 28mm and 80-200 zoom.  He knows that I'm starting to shoot some film, again, and his camera just sat, unused.

So he gave it to me.

I bought a flash for it on eBay.  20 bucks.  The flash I bought is the one that was made for the X-700.  Cool.

The thing is, the X-700 is probably the best manual focus camera Minolta ever made and as such, it is a worthy replacement for my old Konica T4, which I will now retire.

I've got some Ilford 35mm B&W film.  Watch for pictures, here, soon.

(I can't believe it's the Ides of October already.  Where is the time going?)



Tara R. said...

The is a very cool friend. I can't wait to see your photos.