Monday Meanders

This whole last weekend went by without a moment devoted to sports.  By me.  I have no idea what anybody did.  Somehow, that's very liberating - but I may be a poor conversationalist when it comes to our usual lunchtime entertainments. 

During this last weekend, I went to the shooting range at Mega Sports in Plainfield.  I have a FOID card, so I can do that.  In fact, even if you don't own a firearm, you should consider getting your FOID card (Firearm Owners Identification) - you never know when you might want to rent a .22 and kill some paper.

Anyway, I set the target out at 25 feet, just to warm up and sight in the rifle.  I put out three rounds, and though I could see the hole made by the first round, I didn't see any new holes.  I ran the target back in so I could see where the other two rounds went.  I thought maybe they had drifted off into the black, where I wouldn't be able to see them.  But I was wrong.  All three shots went through the same hole.   Heh.  Can't do much better than that.  If I was shooting a bow and arrow I'd be Robin Hood.

I'd like to see a gun range that's restricted to .22 and .25 caliber only.  While on the range, the presence of people shooting large caliber handguns is distracting and intimidating.  You wonder just what the purpose of their shooting is - especially when they shoot at silhouette targets.  Many women prefer .25 caliber because of the light recoil and the plethora of small handguns in that caliber, and target shooting and personal protection are usually their focus.  Of course, .22 caliber is great for target shooting and "plinking", and in rural areas, many times a .22 is used to help control varmints.  But back to the gun range idea.  The reason is to keep the surroundings easy and friendly, so that more people will learn that target shootings can be fun, just as any sport can be fun.  You don't need to be a survivalist to enjoy shooting.  Of course, if you ARE a survivalist, you already enjoy shooting.



Tara R. said...

I'm impressed, three shots... one entry? Nice.