Monday Meanders

The Bears didn't win - but they didn't lose, either.  They had a "by" week and didn't play.  They have lost ground to both Green Bay and Detroit because they DID play and they both won their games.

Be very careful about things you receive in email - there is a nasty bit of malware going around that encrypts all of your data files and then asks for $300 to un-encrypt those same files.  The email usually comes from "Administrator", it has been known to show up as a link to UPS or FEDEX tracking.  If you haven't ordered anything that would be shipped by UPS or FEDEX, DON'T click on the link, because the next thing you know, all of your pictures, documents and spreadsheets are going to be unreadable.  Just be careful.

The Bears play Green Bay next.  Good luck.

Is it a contradiction that, as a pacifist, I enjoy target shooting?

It turns out that those waiting for transplants (I know - dramatic change of subject) may have a new method of getting those necessary organs and not have to fear any potential rejection.  It may be possible to take undecayed cadaver organs, wash all the cellular materials out of the organ, leaving the scaffolding that gives the organ its size and shape in place.  Then the "ghost organ" is re-populated with cells from the person that is going to receive the transplant, and the new organ is inserted with what is, essentially, the patient's own organ.  Immortality, anyone?

Personally, I want one of the self driving cars the future will bring.  And that particular piece of "future" isn't that far away. 

At all.



Tara R. said...

Your segue from target shooting to organ transplantation gave me a bit of whiplash.

Big Mark 243 said...

...the organ transplantation method is quite dystopian... I cannot be sure that it will be a good thing for the soul and spirit of man...

... yes, it is QUITE a contradiction to the pacifist... but to the realist, it is quite noble...

...Da Bears... Cutler-less and lost adrift in the Great Lake... McNown will McNot in the games ahead... sorry, friend...