Having time ....

I have pretty much given up watching television on Monday nights.  I watch CBS's primetime stuff on Tuesday and Thursday, and "Blue Bloods" on Friday, so Monday and Wednesday and most of Friday evenings are left to me to find my own devices.

I read, now, more than ever.  (BTW, if you haven't done so already, find books by Jasper Fforde in the Thursday Next series, or the Nursery Crimes series, or the Kazam series.  You will like yourself for doing so.)

I'm organizing my writing stuff, getting set to a) get back to the re-write of "Sarah" and b) continue the story of Gwalchmei and Alfred as they make their way home to Wales.

I pursue hobbies.  Target shooting, sketching, researching computer issues, and other fruitful things now occupy my time, rather than suffering through mindless pap.

Last night, for example, with the Rams/Seattle game on in the background, I installed SuSE Linux 12.3 on my home Linux box - upgrading (in my opinion) from the recent version of Fedora I had installed previously.

Soon, Steam O/S is going to begin to make some serious inroads into the computer based gaming world.  Steam O/S is a version of Linux enhanced and configured to provide the best possible gaming environment - better than Windows EVER could, and as good or better than the recent console systems.  Like any Linux distribution, it will be available for free downloads.  What I don't understand  is why Linux hasn't been able to make more serious inroads into the day to day Desktop Environment.  Most people use their systems for email and browsing - and if that's what you do with yours, there's NO REASON why you couldn't be running Linux.  And you wouldn't be very worried about viruses or that nasty bit of malware (ransom ware) called CryptoLocker that will encrypt all the data files on an infected WINDOWS PC.

BTW - I don't do Windows at home - I have a couple of seldom used Linux laptops, my MacBook Pro and my Linux Desktop which I use regularly.

I don't worry about viruses.