The last two days have been trying, at best.  The last two days have taught me a lot, however - lessons learned hard are the most penetrating lessons one can learn.  Things that come easy can slip away, but you never forget the things you learn under fire.

And I have been under fire.  And I love every minute of it.

Resuscitating a computer environment that has run for a long period of time means there are elements of complexity in that environment that didn't exist (or weren't recognized to exist) at the time those elements were deployed.

Lesson learned?  Always, ALWAYS, work toward simplicity in the structure of your environment.  Don't let it become more and more complex, as it will do left to its own devices.

That's my new mantra - Simplify.

The day will come when I no longer inhabit my little office.  I need to make sure that by the time I finally retire, the environment built for the Company for which I work is simple and easy to understand, and, therefore, support.  I need to know that the documentation I leave behind is clear, concise and complete, so that whomever it is that follows me can pick up the threads without unraveling the fabric.

Or I may just work forever, until I'm a crispy wrinkle in my office.



Indigo said...

Learning to simplify comes with age. I no longer desire the complexities that remove peace and serenity. And in that there is often challenge enough. (Hugs) indigo

Tara R. said...

I like simple, I can manage simple. Alas, my life isn't always cooperative where simple is concerned.