Film? What film?

Not only does Walgreen's not process film any longer, neither does Jewel (food store).  Both WERE sources for developing, printing and film.  Now they do none of that.

Camera House, of Joliet, no longer carries much in terms of film, and processing is done by a lab.  Camera House was always seen as the last refuge of film shooters in the area.

Fortunately, Ilford (film manufacturer from England) still makes and sells all of their good B&W film - 35mm and 120.  Via mail.  And they have recently announced the opening of a processing lab in California.  Film shooters will have to learn patience in the practice of their Art, but at least it will be somewhat easier than it has recently become.  The new Ilford lab will process anyone's B&W film (Black & White chemistry is the same for all B&W film), and any C41 process (color negative) and E6 (color transparency) film.  And prints will be done on silver gelatin paper.  Real photo paper.

I may even have to try my hand (again, after many years) at printing my own negatives.



Tara R. said...

One of my favorite classes in college, was photography and film developing. It's a fading art.

PattiKen said...

I have an Omega Concept Six enlarger, some film canisters, and a few miscellaneous darkroom supplies. Come and get them, and they're yours! (I'm sending pics of the enlarger.)