Monday Meanders

I attended a party on Saturday evening.  Katy Jacob and husband Gabe hosted a party celebrating Katy's 38th birthday.  Some of our LYTM cast from 2012 was there.  It was so nice seeing those people - and the total strangers, whi were NOT strangers by the end of the evening.

Peanut butter brownies taste really good with beer.

#1 son made some brownines with Nutella instead of chocolate.  Excellent stuff.

Cubs lost in 15 innings yesterday.  Tough.  They had their chance to win and they blew it.

Bears won Friday evening - and the 1st half was convincing.  12-4 for the upcoming season.  Playoffs.

Just in case you hadn't heard, the guy with the 132 pound scrotum was successfully operated upon.  He's now looking for Love.

(I can't follow that up with anything.)