Miley, Oh Miley

I guess I must be getting old.  I DO know what twerking is - and I do appreciate twerking by many various and sundry women.  Women, mind you, and NOT men.  They don't do it for me.

Strangely, neither does she.

She does not appeal to me in the slightest - and I am a man who, usually, appreciates women over 18 years of age for their form and beauty. 

Miley is slender.  Too thin, if you ask me.  She looks like a boy with boobs.  And she has learned she can get all the attention she wants by doing "Shock".

She's being a brat.  She's rebelling against all the constraints she grew up with.  Disney.  Her Dad and his fame and reputation.   Her own image.

She's Lindsay Lohan without the Kleptomania.

It's time for Miley to grow up.  It's time to ignore her and let her tantrums play out in private.  If she stamps her feet, strips off her clothes and sticks her tongue out to her knees and no one notices?  Maybe, just maybe, she'll grow up and out of it before she winds up in rehab.



Mrs4444 said...

Well said, my friend...I totally agree.

PattiKen said...

I'm sure she and her publicist are congratulating themselves. Mission accomplished.

Indigo said...

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, Monday she posted Rolling Stone's review of her performance (which they gave her kudo's for), and bragged about having more tweets about her performance than the NFL blackout.

Miley is a bit delusional. (Hugs) Indigo