Word for Wednesday - Carry ...

as in Concealed Carry.

The State Legislature, here in Illinois, has finally given in to Federal demands and passed a Concealed Carry Law for Illinois. Yesterday, they overrode Governor Quinn's veto of the new law.  Had they not done so, the State would have had to endure "Constitutional Carry", under which there are virtually no constraints.  At least there are constraints under the Illinois law.

Over the next few months, the State Police will set up an application process.  It will cost $150.00 to get a C C Permit.  Background checks will be run.  Fingerprints will be taken.  Training sessions will be had (16 hours worth) and competencies will be certified.  So, sometime in the next 12 months, the first people in the State of Illinois will be able to carry firearms concealed on their person.

I'm hoping it will give the Bangers pause - knowing that the innocent civilians they've been gunning down with impunity, will, before long, have the ability to defend themselves.  Not that anyone is going to go out and buy a gun and get the permit with the specific intention of gunning down Gang Bangers - but it will happen, eventually.  It just will. 

God help us.



Tara R. said...

I know Florida has a Concealed Carry Law, but am not sure of all the requirements needed for the permit. I also can't remember the last time I read or hear a news report about someone with a permit shooting anyone. Then again, I live in a podunk region of the Panhandle and not South Florida.