Not Guilty

George Zimmerman was found "not guilty", yesterday.  Even the judge's transparent attempt to put him behind bars by instructing the jury that he could be found guilty of the lesser charge of Manslaughter failed.

A jury of 6 women found him not guilty.

The standard of proof in this country is "beyond a reasonable doubt".  Even from my distance, as uninformed as I was, it was obvious that "reasonable doubt' existed, would exist, and Zimmerman would be cleared.

This is a case that went to trial because of the publicity.  The Media drove this - made it happen - made it a sensation.

It had no other reason to be so.  But the Media.

It's time to move on to something else, now.  I wonder what the next red flag will be that the Media will wave in our faces to attract our attention, so we don't look too close, so we don't turn over the wrong rock and find something meaningful to attract our attention.

Nah.  I'm sure they'll find something else.



PattiKen said...

Sorry, Lou, but I don't agree. It may have been a forgone conclusion that Zimmerman would get off. But the case didn't go to trial because of the media; it did because someone ended up dead when cop-wannabe Zimmerman disobeyed a police order to remain in his car and followed Martin with a gun. And the media didn't cause the verdict; the jury was sequestered. it saddens and sickens me.

Big Mark 243 said...

...and I agree wholeheartedly with you, Lou... and I don't think that with the social politics in Florida that they would find a jury that would not either have been hung or acquitted him...