Monday Meanders

Da CUBS!!!  They jumped all over Houston, yesterday.  16 hits, 14 runs - two of them off a home run by Rizzo, who is showing signs of breaking out of his slump.  Oh, how i wish they could do this kind of thing for 10 or 12 games straight.

Da BLACKHAWKS!!!  One game to win.  Fingers crossed.

At a time when I have begun to reduce the amount of TV watching I do, I have a small cadre of programs I continue to watch - for the quality of the programs.  One is "Longmire" on A&E.  And another is "Mystery" on PBS - but mostly the new season of "Inspector Lewis".  I like "Lewis"; I was a big fan of "Inspector Morse" and "Lewis" is derived directly from "Morse".  John Thaw, the star of "Inspector Morse" decided to retire and he died of a heart attack within a very short period of time later.  His co-star, Kevin Whatley, who played Sergeant Lewis in the "Morse" series, now stars in "Inspector Lewis" and other characters from the original series continue is their roles in the new series.  Anyway, I like that the director/producer of "Lewis", whose exteriors are shot in Oxford, seems to like the Bodleian Library, a distinctive round stone building that reminds me of the trip my son and I took to England when he was in school at the Illinois Math & Science Academy.  I loved that trip - and I really loved the atmosphere in Oxford.  It is a very special place.

I took this last weekend off from the blog.  It is the last time I will do that.



PattiKen said...

I love Oxford too. There is magic there. The air just oozes academia. I really enjoyed sitting in the bar at the McDonald Hotel, waiting for Inspector Morse to come in. The bartender had some great tales to tell.