Monday Meanders

Just a bunch of random stuff to start the week.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  We took mine to Red Lobster and made sure she got stuffed.  Wait.  We made sure she ate a LOT.  No taxidermy involved.

My car is so cool now.  The new (used) transmission is doing nicely, and after the rebuild of the front end and the rear brake cylinders, it rides like brand new and stops VERY safely.  I've got just over 200,000 miles on the car and it's ready for 200,000 thousand more.

'The Car' is a 2004 Saturn Vue.  The nice thing about a Vue is that the body is plastic - it doesn't rust or wrinkle.  It looks really good for its age, and since I don't anticipate being able to buy a new car  unless I win the Lottery, it's a good thing it looks really good for its age, because if it didn't, I'd have to drive it anyway.

I am making a set of ATCs.  Artist Trading Cards.  They're about the size of a baseball trading card with original Art on one side and the name of the piece, artist's name, and some sort of contact info on the other.

I will put up photos of the ATCs as they are created.