A Word For Wednesday

Corruption.  The Word for this Wednesday is Corruption.  Not the overt, greedy transaction in the backroom kind of corruption.  No.  This is the sly, insidious, sneaky kind of corruption that slides by unnoticed because it's legal.

Let me explain.

Once upon a time, for reasons I don't profess to know or understand, it was legal for members of Congress AND THEIR STAFF to profit from inside information (Insider Trading) they might gain while in performance of their duties.  Keep in mind, that if you or I did this kind of thing, we'd go to jail - because it's illegal for us.  And it's not fair to anyone. 


This became an item of note - it was covered by 60 Minutes, and other media, I'm sure - to the point that Congress, feeling the heat under the spotlight of public scrutiny, passed legislation that forbade them their profits from insider trading.  It became illegal for them, too, as it always should have been.  After all, no one is supposed to be above the Law.  No one.

It's been revealed by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes (I have seen these, personally) that Congress has quietly gutted the legislation that was passed to limit that Insider Trading capability. 

They're at it, again.  They are cheating, legally, and lining their pockets with money that would get you or me thrown in jail.

And that is not fair.  It's corrupt.

The problem is, whom do you complain to?  Whom do you tell that can make this practice stop?  Congress?