Words for Wednesday

Sad words.  Worried words.  Not for me.  Not even for mine.  But for others.

No idea who.  Who did it.  No idea who's next.

No idea why.  Domestic?  Foreign?  Neighbor?  A stranger on a bus, or train, or driving by on the street?

Somebody doesn't care.  About others.  Themselves.  This country.  Our people.

They did what they did on purpose.

They meant to kill and maim.  Meant to.  Wanted to blow off arms and legs.  As many people as possible.

My hope in this is that whoever did this doesn't turn out to be some homegrown wacko who will call him or herself a patriot.  There is no patriot, in this.  There is, however, a coward.




PattiKen said...

My guess is that it'll turn out to be a homegrown wacko who is acting out extreme anger and frustration. He couldn't get in the Marathon, or he lost his job and can't find another, or his wife is having an affair with a runner, or... The possibilities for anger are endless. But we must not let this crazy take away our liberty by giving into fear. If we do that, he's won.

Tara R. said...

I haven't said much about recent events, because I have no worthy words.