I have always been a "big car" person, even though in recent times I have had nothing larger than my Saturn Vue - a small to medium sized SUV.   LM(Love Muffin), on the other hand , has been driving a Toyota Sienna - a full sized minivan.  I haven't driven "big" because of the expense and the lack of a truly desirable, affordable "big" car.

Recently, however, I have had the opportunity to drive several other vehicles and I have found one - just one - that is beyond impressive.  The Hyundai Genesis.

Full size.  Features that the legendary Volkswagen Phaeton would be proud to possess.  Quiet.  Rides like a dream.  Economical.  Headlights that look into your turn.  Comfortable seats - and a roomy back seat.

If you are considering a new car - you might want to look into the Genesis. 

I am not compensated by anyone for this post.  I'm just impressed by what I found and wanted you to know.



Bama Cheryl said...

We've been eyeing the Genesis for the past couple years. Whenever we can get enough shekels together, that's on our radar. Beautiful car. Lucky Lou!

spider said...

Nah, my 1998 Polo is totally EPIC!

(Ok, maybe a brand new Genesis would be nice)

Nan Sheppard said...

Sigh! That was me, commenting as my son, who has been using my laptop cuz his iPod is having a bad week.

Julie said...

I started to comment.

It turned into a blog post.