Monday Meanders

When I bought my Schwinn about a year and a half ago, the purchase included a one year subscription to Bicycling magazine.  I was, initially, fascinated by the descriptions of the latest in gear and technology - but the focus was on racing and serious road biking and recreational and exercise riding were pretty much way down the list in terms of coverage.  One day, after my subscription had expired, I went to my favorite place to pick up analog reading material (Barnes & Noble) and spied a copy of Bicycle Times.  I leafed through it and decided to buy it - instead of Bicycling.  And I am so glad I did.

Bicycle Times has a far more plebeian focus - it's about people who ride for fun, or exercise, or commuting and the equipment they use.  Real people.  Real bikes.  Real down to earth information.  Stories about runs and rides and practical experience doing everything from hauling freight to long distance rides across England. 

I wasted a year with Bicycling magazine.

The weather is due to break warmer, soon.  I actually got a quick 5 miles on my bicycle last evening.  It felt SO good when I got back from the ride.

Have you ever been tempted to get into a Spin Class?  If you own a bicycle with a "quick release" rear end (damn, that sounds dirty), Performance Bicycle often has sales on their "trainers".  For about 100 bucks or so, you can turn your bicycle into your own home exercise machine and have it at your disposal whenever you need it.  And you don't have to leave the house.

I kind of thought I'd be riding the Coot Scoot to and from the office this week, but rain is in the forecast far too often.  Phooey.

Since I hooked up this blog to Google+, I no longer get email notification when someone leaves a comment - PLUS the comment thingy on the blog itself always reads "0".  I am disconnecting from Google+ until they fix it.