The day before ...

Ah, Tuesday.  The day before "Hump Day".   This is the day that you start to glide through the rest of the week, having gotten over the shock of Monday and its return to Labor.

I like Tuesdays.

On January 31st of last year, my friend Vikki North was taken from us.  At age 61, it was way too soon, but the cancer that took her had no respect for talent, personality or age.  She was an Artist - in the truest sense of the word.  She has been on my mind SO much in the last few days - I mean, more so than normal.

I have a memento or two of her - I have an illustration she did, for me, of "The Kid" - the character I wrote that gave rise to the story of "Sarah".  I have some illustrations she did for a child's book we talked about, "Greedy Gert", if you happen to remember the story.  Those momenta keep her in my mind, always, for they are on display in my home and I see them every day, but lately - she is in my head.

I think she is the reason I have finally started working on the portrait of my father-in-law.

I miss you, Vikki.

Ndinombethe ~ "As I go, I am wearing you".


Big Mark 243 said...

I am sorry for you loss... I miss her now as well... and I think she is with you as you work on your FIL's portrait...

Kir said...

I am sorry for this loss, I am sorry that your heart hurts with it.

I love that quote at the end, words are such a soothing balm aren't they?