Time for Protest?

Today's post will, by necessity, be brief.  But I have an idea I must get down "on paper" and this, lately, is my paper.

I heard an interview with Clarence Jones, the close confidant and adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King.   The interview was very informative and something was alluded to which gave me pause - which made me think.

Dr. King's message found an audience which was ready to listen, in part because so many black men had served in WWII and upon coming home, having served all over the world, they found the segregated "Red Hills of Georgia" less tolerable.  They found their situation untenable.  When MLK came along, with his message of peaceful protest, civil disobedience and hope for freedom of action and choice, he found many voices to add to his own and in so doing, changed the country.

99% of the people in this country are not happy with the 1% which control half the wealth of the nation.  Individually, our voices are lost in the noise of everyday existence - we can shout all we like, but one by one won't get us heard.

"Occupy Wall Street" was a step in the right direction, but they were leaderless and their message and goals were disjointed and unfocussed.  Given enough time, the Media and the Courts stripped them of their ability to render meaningful protest and their movement slowly died.

We need a movement.  Based on and in the Internet.  Call it, "The 99".  The 99% of us who are tired of the games played by the 1% who control the power and wealth of our nation.  The 99% of us who would see meaningful legislation enacted which would actually control the financial markets and in so doing, benefit us all.  The 99% of us who would see term limits imposed on those who serve us - One and Done - thereby limiting the potential for Special Interest money to "buy" favorable legislation.  The 99% of us who would like to see an Ombudsman Office, to watch over the Congress and speak for the people.

There are so many things which need to be done - what's needed, however, is focus.  Setting of priorities.  Meaningful action in support of the goals at hand.  Focus.

We, The 99, can do this.  If we want to bad enough.



Big Mark 243 said...

Agreed. I always think that maybe I am pushing the snowball a little further when I talk about politics and maybe I will say something that moves the next person to say something and from then...

Collette said...

I, one of the 99, agree 100%! I share what I can on Facebook & so do a lot of people but it's still so disconnected somehow.