Monday Meanders - 2012 Fini

Bears won!!  But so did Minnesota, so the Bears are out of the playoffs.  So ends another year of pathetic performances by Chicago's sports teams.  And 2013?  Ain't lookin' a whole bunch better.

Today, of course, is New Year's Eve.  I had to decide whether to look back over hte year or look forward into next year.

I think I'd rather look forward.

This will be a year of renewed effort and devotion to the processes of Art.  Oils.  Watercolor (I'm hoping Rusty Harden will hold another watercolor seminar in Tipp City, OH.  On a weekend.  I'll be there.)  I need, also, to attack "Sarah" with more vigor (I REALLY want to get her done) and I need to get back to Gwalchmei and his story.

This will be, for me, a year in which I adopt some new technologies as my own - for the purposes of my employer - and, also, for the purposes of the business I own.  Building, configuring and deploying virtual systems - cool stuff and tricky.

More reading.  I am currently reading "The Woman Who Died a Lot"  by Jasper Fforde - the seventh in the Thursday Next series.  I may have mentioned once or twice before that Jasper Fforde is my favorite author.  I'm also in the middle of "Nearly Departed in Deadwood" the first of four in a series by Ann Charles.  Jasper comes first, though.  I have him from the library.  Hardcover.  Ann is in my Kindle.

Lastly - The Packers are going to play Minnesota next week.  They really needed the bye week to heal up some players - I see the Packers losing the NEXT game, as well - and the Vikings go on the the next round of play.

I wish one and all a Happy, Joyous, and Prosperous New Year.



Tara R. said...

I cheered for the Bears, but wasn't much help with the Packers... maybe next year.