Wordy Wednesday

Normally, I post pictures on Wednesday - for Wordless Wednesday.  Today, however, allow me to stray just a bit into the world of Money.

There's a principle of Economics that describes how money circulates.  I call it "Churn".  The dollars we spend become dollars that others spend - and the more we spend the more there is for others to spend.

*I have been sitting here for some time trying my best to simplify "Real World" examples of how money circulates, but I have come to realize that the circulation of money is very complex and I would have to write a BOOK to detail how it all happens - the 'net' of the exercise would be, and is, that the more money circulates the healthier everything regarding the Economy is.*

It might be a good exercise to think - just stop and think - about where the money is going the next time you go to the store or somewhere you spend money.  Just follow the money.  See if you can follow it far enough for the money to come back to you - because it does.


Our financial collapse?  It happened when the housing market bubble burst and banks stopped lending each other money.  And then they stopped lending US money.  It was like a dam had suddenly been built across the stream of circulating money.

On one side of the dam, the money continued to flow in.  On the other side of the dam, the money slowly dried up - the Banks and Big Business on one side of the dam, and you and me on the other.

It's time to re-regulate the Financial Industry.  Not to make "bigger government".  Not to impose new taxes or create a larger bureaucracy.  But to insure and assure that the flow of money through our Economy will not be interrupted by the machinations of the few - to the detriment of the many.

And lastly?  Goldman-Sachs should be broken up or put out of business.  They, more than any one enterprise or concern, were the primary architects of the failure of our Economy.  They are unrepentant - and if asked, they'll tell you they did nothing wrong.  Greed is wrong, no matter what "Mr. Gordon Gekko" says.