Monday Meanders

Bears lost.  Cutler concussed.  Jason Campbell is not the answer.  HELP!!

I'm looking around for a snowmobile suit so I can ride the Coot Scoot in colder weather.  Not in snow - not when it's wet - but cold and dry?  I'm on it.

I'm also looking into a propane heater to use in the garage so I can work in bicycles when it's cold outside.

Thank the goddess the Bulls are playing well.

This coming Saturday is LM(Love Muffins') birthday.  She's getting crinkly.

The weather is suddenly cold and I'm wondering if this is going to last - or if it's going to be a short lived snap.  I guess we'll see.



Tara R. said...

Happy early birthday to LM, I hope she has a wonderful celebration.

Big Mark 243 said...

First and let's get this right... Jason Campbell is a STARTING QUARTERBACK... he is not simply a back up... so that is something...

...and I don't know if LM reads this blog, but "crinkly" is a description that would be one that would cost something or the other, I think..!

barbara said...

Happy Birthday to the LM!