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There is something that has always bothered me - heat flows from where there IS heat, to where there is NOT (or less) heat.  Why?  What is the mechanism?

The Laws of Thermodynamics express the fact that heat (energy) flows from one place to another, seeking equilibrium, but they don't say Why or How.  Just that is does.

Why doesn't heat stay where it is?  Why MUST it move?  HOW does it move?

There's something else that has bothered me - matter will move toward matter of greater mass.  What is it about the fabric of space/time that causes matter to fall into matter?  What is the mechanism?  It's simple to call it gravity - but what IS gravity?  Just HOW does gravity work?

The Universe is made up of opposites, or pairs, or ying/yang, if you will.  There's matter and anti-matter.  Positive and Negative electrical charge.  There's left and right, up and down, forward and back.  There's magnetic attraction and repulsion.  A Universe of opposites.  But what is Gravity's opposite?

I read an article yesterday that proposed that a new "Theory of Everything" might well come from a surprising direction - from the study of Thermodynamics.  When I saw this article I knew - I understood - there is an intimate connection between gravity and thermodymanics, between the movement of matter toward each other and the movement of energy from where it is to where it isn't.  Given that matter is just another form of energy - if you think about it in those terms - then the connection between gravity and thermodynamics is far more obvious. 

I don't profess to understand the intimate details of the Science involved.  I don't have the educational background to really explore all the nuances of theory and hard Science.  All I have to rely on are my intellect and intuition - and it is my intuition that leads me to understand that this connection MUST exist.  To me, it just makes sense because it is so natural.

"All things being equal, the simplest answer is better than the more complex one." ~ Occam's Razor.



Big Mark 243 said...

...and people think that I get deep..! I kind of think that there is an universal field theory... explaining everything from social to scientific facts and postulates...

Anywho, this is very interesting... and definitely worth pondering again..!

Tara R. said...

I can only decipher quantum physics, I can't take on any other mysteries of the universe.