Monday Meanders

I am feeling rather chuffed.  I have a friend in Scotland who has lost two jobs in the last year (through no fault of her own) and it was beginning to look like this period of unemployment was going to drag on for a bit when all of a sudden, up jumped the devil and there it was.  A job.  A really good job.  One that will challenge her and make her grow, gain new skills, and shine.  Just shine.  I am so proud of her for sticking to it and not giving up.

Progress continues on the remodel of the family room - and as the day of completion draws near, so also does the day I can get back to painting.  To that end, I have been doing some drawings in pencil and charcoal that I hope will warm me up to the coming tasks.

We bought a 10 tier shoe rack for the entryway in our home over the weekend.  We now have room for 30 pairs of shoes.  We actually HAVE 18 pairs of shoes on the rack when everyone is home and their shoes are off (we take off shoes in our house).  We are a whole bunch of shoe wearing people.

It was a good weekend for college football - Notre Dame and Northwestern both won and they are my two favorite teams, followed closely by Northern Illinois University, which is in a different division of NCAA Football than the other two.  Both Notre Dame and Northwestern subscribe to the concept of "Student Athlete", and in doing so, graduate young men equipped to function in society at a high level.  If you're a "dumb jock", you don't go to those schools.



Big Mark 243 said...

College football is better when Notre Dame is good... I have had a special place for the Wildcats since the Gary Barnett years... he really infused the program with a "we can WIN" attitude instead of "hope we can compete"... gave me a memorable quote the year the 'Cats beat ND... "Expect victory"... he also told the players to "act like they have been there before", once they beat the Irish...

Isn't the MAC still a Bowl Subdivison Conference..? The Salukis still play with the big boys...

Amy said...

Sorry for being late- busy week! Thanks, Lou for all your support, you're a star! x.