Monday Meanders

What a weekend in sports.  Northwestern won.  Notre Dame won. (as one of my readers said, college football is just better when Notre Dame matters)  And the Bears overcame lackluster play to win in the 4th quarter.  And Lou is a happy sports fan.

If you have ever redone a room in your home, you'll understand when I say that every OTHER room in the house becomes disrupted and cluttered and stays that way until the 'redo' is done.  And once it IS done, you have to undo the redo clutter in all the other rooms.

Hurricane Sandy is, apparently, going to leave her mark.  My hope is she doesn't leave her mark on any of YOU - please be safe.

We are a week and a day away from the national elections.  Vote.  No matter who you vote for - just vote.  You have no right to complain if you haven't added your voice to the process.



Big Mark 243 said...

Looks like the Bears are going to pull away from the rest in North... the Vikings are too callow yet and the Lions are as well...

Early voter here... so I have done my duty and voted..!

Tara R. said...

Early voting in Florida started Saturday. I was there bright and early. Now, I'm just waiting for the Fat Lady to sing. Hope Sandy blows herself out and everyone stays safe.