Halloween Eve

I wonder if it's redundant to say "Halloween Eve" when, in fact, the name "Halloween" is a contraction and degredation of "All Hallowed's Eve" which refers, of course, to November 1st.

The Church calls it All Saint's Day.  But in an older time and sense, it was known as All Hallowed's Day - back when hallowed was a three syllable word - hal-low-ed.  All Hallowed's Day was the day you remembered your ancestors.

Over the years Grannie and I have pieced together some of our family history and there are some really interesting people I can proudly call "ancestors".  It's unfortunate that neither side of my family was very garrulous, because both sides seemed bound and determined to leave little or no trace of themselves when they departed this world and they've made it VERY difficult to track their meanderings about the eastern states, the midwest, and the west.

There's a town in Montana named "Lohman" - and another one in Missouri.  The chances are the people who founded these towns were relatives of mine.

In Iowa, there are Templetons and Greens and Snodgrasses and Ripples who are all ancestrally related.  And Pierces - Grannie's maiden name.

Just knowing about these people - just knowing where they were and are - gives me a feeling of place, of belonging, of just knowing I am a member of large and far-reaching clans of people, my people, people who belong to me and I to them.

So have fun tomorrow.  Be spooky.  Give lots of candy to lots of kids.  And remember who you came from.  Where you came from.  Who your people are.  Be worthy of them.



Jientje said...

Halloween has become quite a commercial event in Belgium over the last couple of years. There is even a Halloween market ( second year in a row) in my town tomorrow evening. They want people to dress up for the occasion. I hope many will, and I want to be there with my camera to capture some of that creepy atmosphere! Stay safe Lou!

Tara R. said...

Now that my kids are older, we've not been active on Halloween. I get candy, but keep it all to myself.

My grandfather was our family historian. Through his efforts (prior to Internet), we know our lineage back 35 generations. It's cool having that knowledge, and knowing where and who I came from.

Big Mark 243 said...

That is envious to have an idea of your family line... my friend Hutch's family essentially built what is now Redford, Michigan...

I wish that I could have had Princess and the boys for Halloween... not for any sentimentality but for their sake... the boys are with their Dad and he is ... well, there are reasons that people get a divorce, and I am sure that many of them can be found in their relationship..!

Nan Sheppard said...

Ooooh, my people are definitely scary... and haunt several of the best places :)