The Kahn

Academy, actually.  nothing to do with Star Trek at all.  Or Ricardo Montalban.

No.  Kahn Academy is a place on the Internet where a world class education is offered in a number of fields - Math, and Art, and Finance and all kinds of stuff.

I am spending a little of my time, lately, working my way through the video lectures on Art History.  It has begun to open my eyes to the symbolism of pre-Rennaisance Art.  Of course, most of the Art covered (in the section I'm working on) is early Christian both in fresco and Sculpture - but it's cool to see some of the things I've seen in my life in the newly discovered light of tehir symbolic meaning.

The thing about Kahn Academy is that everything there is free.  There is no charge or fee for watching these very informative video lessons.  And when you have done, you know more than you did before.  On the other hand, it IS possible to donate to the site.  It is a donation that would seem to be worthwhile.



Big Mark 243 said...

You had me at education... I enjoy knowing more that I did before and will definitely add the Kahn Academy to my regular internet rounds..!

Tara R. said...

This sounds like a fascinating site. I'll have to check out what other courses they offer.