Monday Meanders

The Birthday, Saturday, was great.  I was kept busy all day long and although I had no time on my computer, my phone was keeping me entertained.  I get 'buzzes' from Facebook when things show up on my in my phone and I get a series of tones when things show up in my Gmail account - on my phone.  My phone buzzed and tinkled all day long.  The tinkles for Gmail kept me reaching for my pocket to get my phone - the Facebook buzzes were why the phone was in my pocket in the first place.  Kept me smiling all. day. long.

I need to have more birthdays.

Among the gifts I got was a 3 Terabyte MyBook external hard drive to do backups of my Mac.  I have 91gig of pictures on my Mac and I do NOT want to chance losing all those shots.  I also have shots scattered around on several other systems - I am going to consolidate all of my shots on the Mac, back it up, and then move all my shots to a 500gig external drive so I can remove them from the Mac.  The only shots I will keep on the Mac will be Photoshop "Work In Progress".

I have started listening (and watching) to lectures on Kahn Academy, a site that may well be the future of education, at least in some aspect. Currently, I am working my way through "Art History". Check it out.

I rode 12 miles on my bike today with a neighbor.  Our objective was to maintain pace and establish a baseline for future rides.  We averaged 7 minutes per mile and a pedal rate of 60 rpm.  As we move forward from these stats, we will try to maintain the pedal rate and decrease elapsed time - which means riding in higher gear.  The ride we'll take is relatively level ground (the towpath along the I&M Canal, in Illinois) and the surface is crushed limestone over a clay base.

When we finished our ride, I actually felt like I could have just kept on going.  Amazing.



Big Mark 243 said...

Congrats on y(our) birthday... though I did not have a great multitude of well wishers (Facebook did bring most of my announcements) the most IMPORTANT celebrants in recognition of my day DID make sure that they observed it was my day...

I will have to add the KAHN (channeling my inner Cpt. James T. Kirk) to my TED Talks. Seems interesting. As does your biking...

I have always thought that doing something for fitness was more benificial to you if it was formalized. And having a partner who is willing to spend the kind of time and effort with you is cool too. I wonder if you are going to ride through the winter on your trail... though they don't specifically clear bike paths here, it seems that the sun melts the snow and riding tends to be pretty clear... so I aim to find out..!

Be well! And good that you were able to enjoy your birthday!!