I'm rather tired, actually.  My sons and I have been working all evening to get the family room ready for its makeover.  It's well past midnight and I am toast.


It was a long day at work today, as well.  A lot of detailed mental gymnastics - I had to write some scripts to automate processes that had become far too tedious for far too long for our Database Administrator.  We're doing some upgrades and testing changes has become a bi-nightly task - and like I said - it's been going on too long.  Much longer than we had anticipated.

So I wrote scripts, today, so she won't have to stay tied to her computer every other evening.

Writing software can be exhausting - it's hard work that takes place between the ears.

So I'm tired and now I'm going to bed.  And i said it HERE and not on Twitter.  Or Facebook.



Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

Sleep well my friend.

Big Mark 243 said...

Don't worry about waking up ... sleep in because you have earned it!